Teaching Fellow

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I read my “fortune” at Panda Express a couple of days ago. It was, for the first time, prophetic..sort of…”avoid unchallenging occupations – they waste your talents.” I graduated in December and moved to DC in search of that dream job but sadly just ended up waiting tables at two restaurants. these jobs made me frustrated and kept me motivated. Eventualy, after a lot of interviews, I got a job that was even better than anything I had previously thought of. I was hired to be a Teaching Fellow. (Read about this program here http://memphisteachingfellows.ttrack.org/) Now I’m preparing to make a difference in this school district and become an effective teacher and my journey starts today. I am leaving in an hour to drive from Washington state to Washington DC and pick up all my junk and drive to Memphis. Wish me luck.

  1. Luck!

  2. I hope you post more about this journey than you did on the last adventure blog 🙂
    P.S. I’m linking to you today. Hope you don’t mind.

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